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Re: [keycloak-user] Persistent user sessions

Marek Posolda
This is not officially supported/tested option at this moment. We have
support for persist userSessions, but it's used just for "offline"
sessions at this moment. However maybe you can achieve what you want with:

- Using cluster with more nodes and 2 owners configured in the
infinispan distributed caches. That way, if one cluster node dies,
session will be still available as it's backed-up on other nodes.
Sessions are lost just if all cluster nodes die.
- Configure infinispan with the cacheStore/cacheLoader backed by the
database. I think it should work, but we never tested it ourselves.

Feel free to create JIRA to request this. Or maybe lookup if there is
not already existing JIRA and add vote if it is.

On 18/05/17 22:05, Cindy Margarita Pacheco Alvarez wrote:
> I have a problema with keycloak-2.2.1.Final. When we restart the server, we lose all active sessions. Is it possible to persist the user sessions? What should we do?
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